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August 6 – August 9, 2018

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* SLP Summit is not an ASHA-approved provider. Courses should meet ASHA’s requirements for professional development. These courses will not be posted to your ASHA registry, but SLPs can submit the hours to count towards their certification requirements.

The Presenters

Nina Reeves

Nina Reeves

Stuttering Therapy Resources

Dana Bitetti

Dana Bitetti

La Salle University

Joan Green

Joan Green

Innovative Speech Therapy

Marisha McGrorty

Marisha McGrorty


Sarah Lisa

Lisa Kathman & Sarah Bevier

SLP Toolkit

Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones

Let’s Talk Speech Therapy

Desiree Winterbottom

Desiree Winterbottom

SLPTalk with Desiree

Jennie Bjorem

Jennie Bjorem

Bjorem Speech


Monday, August 6th

2pm PST/5pm EST (1 hour)

School Age Stuttering Therapy: Renew and CAN DO!
Nina Reeves (Stuttering Therapy Resources, Inc.)
School age stuttering therapy can seem overwhelming, at times. Many SLPs report not feeling confident in how to best serve students who stutter and their families. This presentation will briefly outline the World Health Organization Framework as it relates to stuttering assessment and therapy. Utilizing this framework, participants will gain knowledge of the breadth of stuttering therapy. This discussion will be connected to practical therapy activities that are enjoyable for both clinicians and students and that can be adjusted to age ranges of clients.

4pm PST/7pm EST (1 hour)

Strategies for Targeting Multiple Language Goals During Preschool Therapy Groups
Dana Bitetti (Miss Dana’s Games)
Does your caseload necessitate seeing preschoolers in groups, but you are not sure where to begin? This presentation is designed as an introductory course for SLPs who would like to treat preschool-age children in small and whole-class groups. Practical, evidence-based strategies will be discussed for structuring your sessions, targeting a variety of language goals, keeping everyone focused, and having fun along the way.

Tuesday, August 7th

2pm PST/5pm EST (1 hour)

Free Technology Tools on Devices You Already Own To Help Your Clients Thrive
Joan Green (Innovative Speech Therapy)
We all need help figuring out how to get the most out of our devices to help families thrive. This presentation highlights current customizable features, free apps, and strategies we can use during our sessions to maximize successful outcomes. Learn about resources you may not know exist to improve speaking, understanding, reading, writing, attention, and executive functioning.

4pm PST/7pm EST (1 hour)

6 Steps to Implement Curriculum-Based Therapy with Confidence
Marisha McGrorty (SLP Now)
In this course, participants will review curriculum-based therapy and how it can facilitate meaningful and functional outcomes for our students. Participants will be presented with a six step framework to successfully implement curriculum-based therapy–from collecting curriculum-based materials to maximizing treatment time–with confidence. Relevant evidence and practical demonstrations will be provided to show SLPs how they can implement evidence-based strategies when targeting goals using curriculum-based materials.

Wednesday, August 8th

2pm PST/5pm EST (1 hour)

Let’s Not Write a Goal for That: I’ll Just Target it Indirectly
Sarah Bevier and Lisa Kathman (SLP Toolkit)
Have you ever been in an IEP meeting and thought (or said!), “I will just work on that need area indirectly” because you weren’t sure how to measure it with an IEP goal? Rubrics are an authentic way to assess and monitor non-concrete therapy targets. In this course, participants will learn how to task analyze a difficult to measure skill, create rubrics, and use them to determine baseline performance and progress monitoring.

4pm PST/7pm EST (1 hour)

Making It, Not (always) Faking It–Managing a Huge School Caseload While Managing to Keep Your Sanity
Rachel Jones (Let’s Talk Speech Therapy)
In the ever-growing setting of school-based speech pathology, speech-language pathologists (SLPs) across the country are facing high caseloads, often containing 60+ students. Managing the balance of effective speech treatment in addition to the non-treatment requirements placed on an SLP can be both intimidating and overwhelming. Learners will leave this session with an introductory understanding of tips and tricks to managing the demands of a high caseload while maintaining quality therapy.

Thursday, August 9th

2pm PST/5pm EST (1 hour)

The Importance of Building Positive Working Relationships with Students, Families, and Colleagues
Desiree Rusch-Winterbottom (SLPTalk with Desiree)
This course will explore the correlation between a positive therapeutic relationships and positive outcomes in speech language pathology. It will explore developing and maintaining positive working relationships with students, families and colleagues, providing practical ideas that you can implement immediately. This course will support working collaboratively with those within one’s own profession and those in other professions to provide the highest quality of care, a factor included in ASHA’s code of ethics.

4pm PST/7pm EST (1 hour)

Childhood Apraxia of Speech – What YOU Need to Know
Jennie Bjorem (Bjorem Speech)
A recent survey collected by Bjorem Speech indicated that 40% of SLP’s consider themselves novice/still learning in the area of CAS. During this course we will outline the characteristics of CAS and how they differentiate from other speech disorders and how that impacts a differential diagnosis. We will talk about how the words we use influence the behavior and growth mindset of our clients as well as cueing strategies that support a motor planning approach.

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Yes! Just be sure that every individual SLP registers for the class and completes the quiz so s/he can receive credit for the course and a certificate.

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Eight courses are being offered, equaling 8 Certification Maintenance Hours (CMHs) or .8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

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Yes! Our goal is to give back to the amazing SLP community!

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