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It doesn’t get better than this…. Or does it? Stay tuned to see our awesome lineup for the January SLP Summit!

* SLP Summit is not an ASHA-approved provider. Courses should meet ASHA’s requirements for professional development. These courses will not be posted to your ASHA registry, but SLPs can submit the hours to count towards their certification requirements.

 We will be sharing details about the January 2018 SLP Summit towards the end of the year!

The Presenters

Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward

Cognitive Connections

Harold Meredith Poore Harold

Meredith Poore Harold

The Informed SLP

Sarah Lisa

Lisa Kathman & Sarah Bevier

SLP Toolkit

Marisha original

Marisha McGrorty


Felice Clark

Felice Clark

The Dabbling Speechie

Hallie Sherman

Hallie Sherman

Speech Time Fun


Heidi Hanks

Little Bee Speech

ABA Rosemarie Griffin

Rosemarie Griffin

ABA Speech


Monday, January 8th

3pm PST/5pm EST (1 hour)

Practical Interventions to Improve Independent Executive Function Skills
Sarah Ward (Cognitive Connections)
Innovative executive function interventions to teach students to: develop a “memory for the future”, to self-initiate and transition, to sense the passage of time and calculate how long tasks will take, to complete tasks within allotted time frames, and to break down, plan and initiate assignments.

5pm PST/8pm EST (1 hour)

Research for Evidence-Based Practice: Real Talk on Barriers and Solutions
Meredith Poore Harold (The Informed SLP)
SLPs must stay current on research evidence to provide quality evidence-based practice. However, there are many barriers to accessing and implementing the research evidence in everyday clinical practice. This presentation will share a variety of resources to access, and actions to take, to better implement research evidence in practice.

Tuesday, January 9th

3pm PST/5pm EST (1 hour)

Literacy-Based Therapy: A Practical Primer for SLPs
Marisha McGrorty (SLP Now)
In this course, participants will review literacy-based therapy and how it can facilitate meaningful and functional outcomes for our students. Participants will be presented with strategies to select high-quality books and to use those books when targeting a variety of speech and language goals. Relevant evidence and practical demonstrations will be provided to show SLPs how they can implement evidence-based strategies when targeting goals using literature.

5pm PST/8pm EST (1 hour)

Effective Therapy Ideas For Targeting Social Skills With Older Students
Felice Clark (The Dabbling Speechie)
This introductory course specializes in discussing treatment ideas for working with students that have pragmatic language disorders. Social Skill vocabulary terms and practical treatment therapy ideas will be shared. Evidence-based strategies and resources will be discussed to help speech pathologists know how best to social skill intervention.

Wednesday, January 10th

3pm PST/5pm EST (1 hour)

We Heart IEPs and You Will Too!
Sarah Bevier & Lisa Kathman (SLP Toolkit)
No one enjoys writing IEPs. We have a lot of them to write and they are time consuming. What if we told you it doesn’t have to be such a painful experience? School-based SLPs often look at writing IEPs as just another paperwork task, when in fact it’s one of the most important things done for students each year. Participants will learn a systematic way to get a comprehensive strengths and needs profile for the Present Levels section of the IEP, eliminating the guesswork and anxiety that can happen when writing IEPs. Participants will also gain strategies to use a visual framework for mapping out how to best meet identified needs, whether that be through specially designed instruction with the SLP or general education accommodations.

5pm PST/8pm EST (1 hour)

Keep Your Students Motivated With Videos
Hallie Sherman (Speech Time Fun)
Many SLPs working with school-aged children do not realize the amount of therapy activities that can be designed around videos. The presenter will choose a variety of videos that can be found on You Tube and systematically address practical ways to use each one to target different areas of communication (articulation, language, and pragmatics). All of the suggested therapy ideas will be direct, evidence-based, related to common core, interactive, and engaging. Participants will walk away with practical therapy ideas they can use the very next day. They will have suggested activities for targeting all areas of communication. They will also have the framework necessary to design their own ideas using videos they find themselves. Participants will have an understanding of the importance of providing engaging, evidence-based, and interactive activities with school-aged children.

Thursday, January 11th

3pm PST/5pm EST (1 hour)

How to Treat Speech, Language and Literacy Goals with Little Stories from Little Bee Speech
Heidi Hanks (Little Bee Speech)
As Speech-Language Pathologists it is our job to treat speech, language and literacy goals but with so many students and so little time it can be a daunting task. In this presentation, you will learn how to do just that using the Little Stories app. With activities like a reading fluency test, story retell, sequencing, WH questions and story talk students can improve their receptive and expressive language as well as reading fluency and comprehension.

5pm PST/8pm EST (1 hour)

Fun and Functional Language Instruction for Early Learners with Autism
Rosemarie Griffin (ABA Speech)
In this webinar, the author discusses what communication skills to target with early learners who have autism. Evidenced based strategies to utilize when working to help increase a student’s language level will be discussed. Assessment, Data Collection and Intervention will be addressed specifically. Pictures and video will be used to illustrate these points.

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Is it really free?

Yes! Our goal is to give back to the amazing SLP community!

Can I invite my friends?

Please do! Send them to to sign up! The more the merrier!

Can I attend if I’m a student or CF?

Yes! We’d love to have you! You may not need continuing education hours, but it’ll be a great learning opportunity!

Can I attend if I’m a teacher/OT/SLPA/ABA therapist…?

Yes! We just can’t guarantee that the continuing education hours will be accepted by your licensing agency. We recommend contacting your agency to verify that your hours will be accepted.

How do I sign up for the courses?

The SLP Summit ended. Stayed tuned for the next summit in January!

How do I register for the replay?

The replay period is over. Stay tuned for the next SLP Summit in January!

Are these courses ASHA pre-approved?

Yes! We are excited to partner with Yapp Guru University to offer SLP Summit as an ASHA pre-approved conference.

Are the courses pre-approved for my state?

Please contact your state department for any questions about state requirements for CEUs. Many states automatically accept courses that are pre-approved by ASHA, but every state has its own licensing guidelines not regulated by ASHA.

Can I earn CEUs by watching the replays?

Yes! You do not have to attend the live presentation in order to earn CEUs. (But we’d love to have you join us for the live Q&A and a chance to win some awesome prizes!)

When will the recorded sessions be posted?

The replays will be posted within 24 hours of the live event. You must watch the courses within the online conference window in order to earn ASHA pre-approved CEUs.

Will my certificate be e-mailed to me?

You can download your certificates after you:
1. Attend the live session or watch the replay .
2. Complete a brief course completion survey.
3. Achieve a minimum of 80% on the course quiz.

Do I have to complete all courses to earn CEUs?

Nope! It’s just like any other conference. You can attend as many (or as few) courses as you would like. You will be able to print a certificate for each course that you complete.

Who do I contact with questions?

E-mail us at with any questions!